Our History

DynamX Physical Therapy's parent company is Interstate Rehab, the premier provider to acute care hospitals and outpatient rehab clinics.  DynamX Physical Therapy is committed to giving our patients the best Physical Therapy services southern California has to offer.  DynamX Physical Therapy covers a range of treatment for orthopedic injuries, pre and post surgical joint, neck and back pain, arthritis, sports conditions, osteoporosis, and more. At DynamX Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to achieving your recovery goals.

Our Mission

DynamX Physical Therapy clinics provide one on one quality physical
therapy and movement analysis in the greater southern California area.
The physical therapist’s training in Applied Functional Science™ will
give each patient a new individualized comprehensive approach to their
rehabilitation, fitness, and personal health. The DynamX approach will
be shared with patients, the community, and community partners to
enhance wellness, injury prevention, and movement education.